WALL.LINK wall chain art focuses on the innovative design and space application of wall art. Our products are not the same as in the past, do not stick to tradition, make the wall more lively and interesting, more popular and fashionable, and make the wall link out more wonderful spaces.

WALL.LINK wall chain art was born in Jingdezhen in 2015. Jingdezhen is a world-famous porcelain capital for thousands of years. With the accumulation of history, the city has the richest ceramic craftsmanship, ceramic glaze color and ceramic craftsmen. Through continuous research and development, the distance between traditional handicraft and standard production has been shortened, and personalized products and modular products have reached a perfect balance.

, we advocate the spirit of original design and an international design team, so that WALL.LINK can integrate with the world's design and make the products more popular and international.

WALL.LINK recruits partners in China and around the world to set up WALL.LINK Wall Chain Art Laboratory. Let those who love us feel the charm of the product up close and push it into new creative designs.

WALL.LINK wall chain art is suitable for commercial space, public space and modern family space that pursue fashion